Thursday, 12 April 2012

i hate LIARS !

assalamualaikum and love salutation to my respectful bloggers,

hai :) how's ur day today ? everything's is good ha ? today i found anothers fraud(liars) that had been made by my own friends :) i'm so mad when people lie to me .. hey LIARS , i really don't care if u lie for make me happy or anything else , but you need to know that i really2 hate liar.. get it ? haa kan banyak dah keluar perkataan liars :) haha lawak tak ? tak kot (tapi kenapa aku gelak??) ^oo^ okayy continued to writing with more feelings while listening a song by beyonce-beautiful liar :D heshhh aku benci betul kalau orang yg suka menipu aku padahal dah terang2 benda tu terbukti terbuntang terpampang kat depan mata aku . ape yang korang rasa ? mesti marah kan . bila aku tanya , ade je alasan . takpe .. go on with that ! aku memang suka :D hahahahaahahahahahahhahahaha yeayyyy i've been lied ! HEAVEN ~ dah laa malas nak tulis panjang2 . sikit2 suda .. yg penting ade la kurang sikit .. better banyakkan mengadu pada ALLAH S.W.T kan ? lagi bermanfaat kan kan kan ? okayy i found this quotes by Leonardo DaVinci

"The mole has very small eyes and it always lives under ground; and it lives as long as it is in the dark but when it comes into the light it dies immediately, because it becomes known;--and so it is with lies."

p/s : when i trust u and believed u , i really do no matter how ridiculous it sounds .. but if i found out that u lied or betrayed me , do not expect me to trust you because it's hard to TRUST u again .. thank you , sekian  
goodnight people <3